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Christmas 2008

The St.John's and Grandma T came to Austin the weekend before Christmas to visit.  Grandma T gets her fill of grand-kid time! Analesse shows off her missing front teeth.  During their stay in Austin, Lesse's remaining front tooth was irrating her enough that she wanted the tooth/string/front-door procedure.  Mother Ann performed the procedure flawlessly. The new house for the Dube's came with many leaves.
A rare sighting of the elusive leaf-shark. There are 3 grand-kids in this picture.  See if you can find them.
The Dube's took the St.John's out to Piney Ranch to get Christmas trees.  The kids are staring in amazement.  See the next picture for what has captured their attention. With equal focus, the longhorns stare back at the kids. (See prior picture) This recently born calf was a hit with the kids. The St.John's pose in front of this Christmas tree-to-be before they start the work of sawing it down.
The Dube's chose instead a pine for their tree.  Here in this picture it has already been fell and hoisted on top the Prius to be transported into Austin. Merry Christmas (Eve)! Being David's second Christmas, he knows a little more of what's going on.
David takes a breather on his new sofa after a good bought of gift unwrapping. The greater Dube family got together Christmas evening at Pop's and Grammy's.  Two new stockings adorn the stairwell since the last Christmas gathering. Jessica shares a place on David's new sofa
Pops glances over at Aunt Michal and thanks her for the new remote.  It'll be a challenge to loss this Aunt Michal gets a doll from Aunt Katherine that has more hair than see has!  Interesting, the hair of the doll has the same color and curl as Aunt Katherine's. Uncle Mark and Aunt Katherine receive a sign for their ever expanding Uncle Mark, Aunt Katherine, and all their kids in one picture.
Grammy Everyone together! For New-Years, the Dube's head up to Keller.  One day everyone went for a hike at a nearby park.  Here, everyone is taking a break after a couple mile hike. Cousin D and Cousin E have a milk break.
Cousin E shares some milk with Cousin D. Last day of the visit, we had lunch at a nearby park.  Max is here putting the jungle-gym to good use.