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David's first bath at home; get those eyes clean! David's first bath at home Not liking bath time at this point Well, maybe not so bad.
Get that arm clean! David saying, David's first stay at Dell Children's That looks like a smile!
Grammy taking care of Lil' Davy
Daddy's first attempt at playing Airplane with Davy didn't work too well Mommy time At David's first Flug Tag! (and first for Dad, Mom, and Grandma Tysseland)
Flug Tab (sponsored by Red Bull) has people Looking at the crowd on the Guadalupe/South-1st bridge.  The thing raising from behind the semi is the back of a video display.  Impressive. Grandma Tysseland keeping Lil' Davy calm
Lil' Davy getting some fun, Uncle Ben time Belle and Liesey looking cute as ever The family taking David on his first hike.  Lake LBJ in the background.
Ethan and David, ready for a ride The Tysseland girls with their entourage Grammy built this contraption for David to use his vibrating chair while following doctor's order for sleeping on his side.
The Dube Cousins If you imagine him as being 40-something, he does kinda look like a dog show judge David's vist to the capitol.  He found the senate chamber the perfect temperature for sleeping. Lil' Davy checking out the six flags of Texas on the floor of the rotunda
Mommy Kiersten, Aunt Jen, David, and Great Uncle Rich